We started Luv Tech because we wanted to bring wide variety of electronics and accessory at a great price to the valued customer. After having to go through the experience of searching multiple sites for products because some website will have headphones but not kindles or a phone case but no e cigs, and visa versa. We came up with the Idea for a space that will provide you with all electronics at a great price, and Luv Tech was born. our goal is to be the number 1 online electronic store, every year looking to grow more and more.

Luvtech was created by Xavier Rogers. Rogers is from Denton, TX, where he found his love for electronics. He later went to college and graduated in 2015 with a accounting degree. It was then where the idea to start a business and the passion for electronics came together.

If you have and questions, suggestion, or concerns feel free to contact us. Most of our products come from China and could take up to 20-30 business days to arrive, products from the US can take 5-15 business days. ** unless express shipping is requested **